Campaign-specific D&D class details

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Campaign-specific D&D class details Empty Campaign-specific D&D class details

Post by DM-Christian on Wed Jan 28, 2015 2:40 am

Here are some rules and suggestions binding details of the D&D 5th edition to our campaign setting! Exceptions to non-rules suggestions can of course potentially be made in the case of a well thought out character concept.

Barbarian: Totem warriors might consider paying homage to Merdari if it fits their concept, as she oversees the wild beauty of the natural world.  Barbarians of the path of the berserker are favoured by Telpeloke, whether they have a use for magic or not.

Bard: Khrystariala and Whisper have a soft spot for Bards.  Furthermore, bards of the college of lore may be drawn to Vendricus.  Damian also loves the adventurous hearts of the legend-spinning bard. Bards who are also spies have Hela’s wholehearted sponsorship.

Druid: While clerics of Merdari do exist as disciples of hope, the Druid is an equally if not more direct divine calling to the Fae guardian.  Whisper also welcomes Druids.

Fighter/Monk: Being very visceral, mortal classes, worship and respect for pretty much any of our gods can manifest in a fighter's or monk's heart, but in case it needs to be said, Torrel is the definitively appreciative party among the gods when it comes to observing  a man or woman making his way with nothing but his two hands and/or his weapons. The arcane warrior archetype will likely pay homage to Telpeloke, Vendricus or Khrystariala.

Paladin: The following paladin oaths can potentially speak to and be heard by any of the listed gods:

Devotion: Whisper, Khrystariala, Kabren, Extelle

The Ancients: Whisper, Merdari

Vengeance: Hela, Deverin

Ranger: Since Rangers cast divine/druid spells, their powers do come from a god,  Merdari is the most common goddess overseeing Rangers, but Damian's free spirit also attracts the prayers of wandering rangers.

Rogue: Rogues of the following archetypes attract the favourable attention of the listed gods.

Thief: Hela, Damian

Assassin: Hela, Deverin

Arcane trickster: Khrystariala, Vendricus, Telpeloke, Hela

Sorcerer: While the Sorcerer's gift is generally seen as an arcane thing not bound to the gods, Telpeloke takes a great interest in the magic of Chaos.  Wild magic sorcerers can and may find themselves in her favour, perhaps even attributing their gift as coming from her.

Warlock: This class has the greatest potential for oddly and uniquely sourced powers, but we have prepared some Weirdale-canon pact sources that can lead to some fun RP!  All potential warlocks should chat it up with the DMs in planning out their concept and pact!

Wizard: Of course wizards and their powers are, by concept and  necessity, detached from the influence of the gods, but it is generally understood that the three gods receiving the prayers, if any, of Mages in the pursuit of their craft are Khrystariala, Vendricus and Telpeloke. Necromancers also sometimes pay tribute to Omedon, for the souls that necromancy often deal in are usually the property of the Void.

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