General campaign setting overview (D&D and otherwise)

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General campaign setting overview (D&D and otherwise) Empty General campaign setting overview (D&D and otherwise)

Post by DM-Christian on Wed Jan 28, 2015 1:49 am

Campaign Premise:

The gods of the newly founded Ascended Pantheon have defeated Vecna, the Crystalline Tyrant, releasing a chain reaction of colossal energy stemming from the vast empire of worlds he had subjugated. The gods realize that in unseating the great tyrant, they have left a vacuum of power across the multiverse, and the only responsible course of action is to fill that void with their growing influence. Hastening to the first world formerly of his rule that they can find, they realize that simply imposing their presence on the indigenous peoples would make them no better than Vecna, and so, taking their cues from Aidar's example, they establish a modest holding in a crumbling old city, and open a vortex gate to attract heroes that have begun to feel the influence of the new pantheon: eyes, ears, voices and hands to be delegated to do the new gods' work, and to bring peace and balance, spiritually terraforming one shattered world at a time. Utilizing modified porticulum technology from Telara, they fan out across the multiverse, always hailing from the now growing portal city of Weirdale.

A multi-media roleplay extravaganzucopia!

Our world exists on multiple layers, intended to be enjoyed by players with varying degrees of availability.

Forums (these right here!) : The forums are the hub of all related news as well as a low-maintenance roleplay medium of its own.  Players are asked to respect the co-operative, non combative nature of the medium, and generally apply common sense.  Enjoy at your pace, but please do not make a habit of leaving each other hanging for as long as a week or so in RP threads.

RIFT and other online games: All of the gods and many key NPCs exist as characters in the free download MMORPG "RIFT" by TRION worlds, and some in World of Warcraft.  Players are always welcome to schedule a visual RP session with the applicable DM to chat and potentially adventure with the gods and personalities of our campaign.  The story relevance of RIFT's world of Telara in relation to our native story will be explained elsewhere. There are lots of DM-created content areas (meaning Estelle has made some kickass stuff) for RP in Rift, such as characters’ homes.  We are on the Faeblight server, the only remaining North American Roleplay server, and Thorium Brotherhood in WoW!

Virtual Tabletop: For those that can make the time, we will hold semi-regular D&D sessions using the "Roll20" virtual tabletop, and the 5th Edition D&D ruleset.  We hope to eventually migrate our D&D game to a small scale online RPG using independently funded gaming toolsets ("Shards online") currently in development, but until those world building tools materialize, virtual tabletop gaming is a more than acceptable substitute.

Ours is a gaming and Roleplaying experience purposely envisioned to include people of all degrees of schedules.  As we ourselves can't commit to the 24/7 of running a persistent world like in Neverwinter Nights any more, we realize the time constraints of busier lives, and want to do our best to include all interested parties to some degree.

A campaign run by committee, and the living nature of our core gameworld personalities:

For those that have played D&D with me before, you are no doubt familiar with my tendency to play a bunch of NPCs at once, with separate voices and mannerisms for each.  This was usually made possible by the fact that every NPC you met was of my creation, and so I alone was familiar enough with these cornerstone personalities to do them justice and step into their shoes.

Weirdale is the first installment in my long running D&D saga where we've incorporated beloved NPC personalities belonging to myself and to one other DM, Estelle.  While we've done this before in Neverwinter Nights, this is the first time I've done this in tabletop as well.  This has only enriched the living aspect of the world because there is another second set of creative ideas contributing to the DM-end of the world, and that's great! The most important line that is drawn for this to work, however, is that, among this top end tier of campaign personalities, Estelle and I will not be portraying each other's creations.  While we expect to both be present for most if not all D&D sessions, this does mean that a DM running a session without the other one present will not be able to facilitate audience or direct interaction with certain characters.

Most of the time, we expect virtual tabletop sessions to have one actual DM, with the other playing a PC, also on hand to speak for their creations among the NPCs.  Furthermore any private communication or "DM notes" passed regarding these "owned" NPCs should be done to the corresponding DM.  This will only make your interface with our world more varied and dynamic, and we're looking forward to introducing you to our cast!

White, Black and Grey Vs Good, Evil and Neutrality:

The gods of Weirdale, The “Ascended Pantheon,” are loosely divided into three courts of very real personalities that do not necessarily conform in a hardline fashion to the traditional D&D concepts of good, evil and neutrality.  To serve a “black” God is not necessarily to be corrupted and/or evil.  For some gods, it's certainly harder than others to apply this ethic ("Paladin of chaos and murder:" generall not happening) but for others, their purview is far more malleable.  When in doubt, consult the DMs, but most observations of our gods can easily be covered by familiarizing yourself with their concepts.


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