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General community/campaign rules and guidelines Empty General community/campaign rules and guidelines

Post by DM-Christian on Wed Jan 28, 2015 2:22 am

Here are some overall rules above and beyond the obvious "if we think you don't belong here, we will just quietly remove you" understanding. Smile

-Like Dracontide's Chrysallis (this campaign's previous NWN world), Weirdale is designed as a heroic hub of adventure, walled and enchanted against incursion as a matter of hard-coded, narrative-necessary reality. An attack on or within the city could or would only happen as a major, catastrophic event from a foe that threatens the very fabric of the campaign's core.  This is in place largely to facilitate the combat-free RP forums.

-Character concepts and ambitions counter to the general narrative of the story are strictly forbidden on an OOC level.  This is not game of thrones, and all heroic concepts, darker and lighter, are encouraged and welcome, but "overthrowing the pantheon" is not a story we will help tell.

-It is an important aspect of our setting that it is understood that the gods of the Ascended Pantheon do not war with each other.  This is something in place for a few reasons. Firstly, we don't want the hassle of non-consensual PVP of any kind, in any medium,  seconfly, it's understood that undoing the damage of the great tyrant's reality far outweighs any petty squabbles that could arise between PCs as a result of religion, and finally, and most importantly, because our three courts of gods actually like and respect each other a great deal.  Unity is a core theme in our world, and we're not facilitating competitive playstyles in a manner uncomfortable to other players.  Inter-character Conflict is absolutely fine, but all characters are generally on the same side here.

-The vortex gate erected in Weirdale is designed to attract willing heroes and denizens like-minded to the visions of the pantheon from all over the multiverse of player imagination.  Players should keep this in mind when designing their characters, and the DMs will happily work with co-operative players to create a unique and fun heroic character, from almost any fantasy setting that fits with our game.  We have very few rules against well thought out character concepts, be they wholly original creations or not.  

-Related to the above point, we indeed do not mind and have indulged ourselves quite deeply into characters adapted or outright borrowed from other mythoi.  The Fionavar Tapestry by Guy Gavriel Kay is a perfect example of this working splendidly to create a lovely tale that involves many archetypical faces and beings mixed with more original work.  The only rule we have here is that there can be no duplication within our setting. Examples of mythoi we have “borrowed” from already include Bioware’s Dragon Age series and Norse Mythology.  The vortex gate reaches everywhere!

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