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Re: Land Ho!

Post by DM-Estelle on Thu Jul 16, 2015 4:02 pm

"I will!" Aurora waves and takes the enchanted ferry, using a rare display of her magic ability to float the bottles down by her sides so her hands are free to use the ladder.

"And then there were three, gentlemen," Damian grins to Aydn and Archer, the latter of whom stands with a stretch.

"I'm an old man, son, I need my beauty sleep. Mind if I crash on the boat? I do love the sound of the waves and the gentle rocking," Archer asks.

"Me too," Damian's face softens with love, realizing that he probably inherited his love of the sea from his father, who has only left his ship to see to Ezra, and returned every night. "Take the captain's quarter's, dad. I'll sleep in the hammock up here or go home, depending on what Star wants to do."

"You spoil me," Archer hugs his son and claps Aydn's shoulder to bid him goodnight.

"Two, then," Damian leans back in his chair comfortably. "You can stay as long as ya want, my new friend. Dad's not wrong about  how nice it is to sleep here. I personally will have to leave the ship in dad's capable hands when it's time for bed unless I can convince my wife to join me here. Hm." He rubs his stubbled chin, visibly wondering if he could accomplish that. "The sea's embrace is a comfort that only has one superior: the arms of the woman of my dreams."

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