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The Map of Wish Empty The Map of Wish

Post by DM-Estelle on Wed Jan 10, 2018 3:38 am

It's not a literal map. I can't do those. But here's a reference post for all the major cities/locations of Wish: the world on which our campaign takes place! I am only listing places of note that are unique to each city. For example, it can be assumed that every city has an infirmary, an orphanage, a market, etc. All cities connect to the Vortex Gate in the capital for quick travel, with two exceptions noted by "restricted access" tags on the city name.

Capital city of Wish. Weirdale is where it all started. It's the glittering gem of wish: a center of trade and politics. Castle Strange, home of the royal family, stands tall in the sky with Gothic architecture. In the city center is the Vortex Gate: the gate by which extraplanar visitors arrive that also serves as convenient quick transportation to Wish's other cities. Weirdale is a city of peace, love, and unity.
Places of note:
-Castle Strange: home of the royal family.
-The Sanctuary: free lodging, food, and medical attention sponsored by the goddess of Love and her faithful.
-The Temple of the Gods.
-The Verdict: The tavern.
-Wish's Garden: Get you some flowers. Nothing to see here.  Cool
-The Koffee Pot: Enchantment? Enchantment!
-Brice's Chapel and the Vault of Souls: Worship the goddess of Mercy, get free counseling, or store a piece of yourself for last-resort resurrection in the safest vault in the kingdom.
-Weirdale Academy: Where children go to receive their education.
-The Library: Read a book, buy a scroll.
-The Lunar Forge: The finest metalcraft in the kingdom.

Small port town where ships are made. The mayor has a bad reputation despite not having fucked anything up in like two years.
Places of note:
-The Asylum: Free mental health care. Long term, short term, inpatient, or outpatient.
-The Ship Yard.

A mining town near the base of the mountains that is also home to Wish's largest and oldest cemetery.
Places of note:
-Grrowell's Temple to Merdari.
-Silent Gardens and Virgil's Ossuary: a historic cemetery that is the largest and oldest on Wish. It is tended and fiercely guarded by the high priest of Mercy, Virgil Saint. Virgil keeps a temple to the Goddess of Mercy on the grounds. It's an ossuary: a building elaborately decorated by bones.

Silver Valley
Utopian high society where life is almost too good to be true. There is a 50 foot tall statue of Mayor Raj Faesoull in the city center; his citizens are worshipfully grateful to him for everything he's done for them.
Places of note:
-The Mayor's Palace: It floats high above the city and drifts around in a slow rotation to keep watch.
-First Weirdale Treasury and Vault: The most high security bank on Wish. Store your valuables with confidence.
-The Jotun District: Home of the Jotun population of Wish who moved to Silver Valley to serve the mayor. It's very fucking cold there.
-Silver Valley Market Square: High end shops for the most discerning tastes in the kingdom. If you have to ask how much it costs, you can't afford it.
-Weirdale University: Establishment for higher learning.

The Soverign Island Nation of Rainbow: Restricted Access
Island nation of orphaned and runaway children who have started their own country. There are rules, but there's no bedtime. You're not the boss of them. Rule number one. After difficult diplomatic negotiations and months of establishing trust, Rainbow does connect to the capital's Vortex Gate, but there is a guard present on Rainbow's gate at all times to prevent access by unwanted parties. It's strongly recommended that adults unknown to them visit on invitation only. Unwelcome relatives of Rainbow citizens are strictly forbidden and will be killed on sight.

Never Ever: Restricted Access
Home to Dread, God of Fear, and his children. His "children" are a race of shapeshifting elementals of pure nightmare called the "Neverborn." At the behest of his beloved Farah and out of gratitude for her life, the Father of Terror became an ally to the crown. Though visitors are welcome, Never Ever is purposefully in a remote location. A city of darkness, macabre sights, and manifestations of our most twisted fever dreams, the Vortex Gate will only take you to Never Ever if you've already been there. They don't want anyone ending up there by accident and misunderstanding their surroundings and the intent of the natives, starting a war against Fear itself.

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The Map of Wish Empty Re: The Map of Wish

Post by DM-Christian on Wed Jan 10, 2018 4:46 am

Viper Falls:

A lush, forested island named for its beautiful waterfalls and port town that houses the descendants of an ancient Druidic order centered around homage to snake themes. Once a magnet for demonic and then draconic attacks, the people of Viper falls are as strong and resilient as the ancient trees in their forests, and have built impressive fortresses to protect themselves from one threat or another.
Places of note:
-"The Bastion" A fortress facing a path that connects the town of viper falls to the mountaintop temple of the snake. The Bastion stands as a remnant of a time when their holy place was possessed, literally and figuratively, by demons.
-The temple of the snake.
At the top of a mountain, at the end of a winding road lies the spiritual center of the druids of the snake. Rich in Druidic power and significance, the temple is home to a circle of benevolent yuan-ti warriormaidens dedicated to the preservation of ancient tradition.


Hot sand and cat people personify this large island whose single city and nation house a matriarchal and warlike people who love their sovereign Queen and her consort: A "Void Dragon" who has evolved from occupying tyrant to beloved military leader. The Myrran culture is one of profound pride in its ability to harness shield, spear and all types of magic (particularly darker magic) to the betterment of their endless survivalist border war efforts against the gnolls, or "chandrakar" that emerge from the vast desert. Home to gifted artisans, curious necromancers and a formidable army of warriors and spearmaidens, Myrr's adoption into a Weirdale Alliance was tumultuous but certainly worth it!
Places of note:
-The Royal Quarter. Home to Queen Aravis Sharuud and her consort Lord Marshal Cyclonius
-The blood quarter. Housing various warrior societies as well as the Myrran Necromancers' guild.
-The Ocean quarter: The port section of the city... generally not favored by Myrr's feline natives.
-The gold quarter: A legendary marketplace where silk, jewelry, ice cream and poison alike are all represented with varying degrees of publicity, but with no shortage of quality.


Once a frozen island known as "Noth," a planar pilgrimage of high elves looking to establish a new home at the behest of a foreign God of righteous fury has populated and magically terraformed the unforgiving glacial landscape to make it their new nation. After overthrowing a corrupt oligarchy, this elven colony is now ruled by a seasonal council of four "speakers," and through powerful magics their city looks different with every new solstice. Indeed, the fae roots of the elven people personify these newer and graceful allies to Weirdale.
Places of note:
-The fortress of the Winterguard. Home to the Elves' impressive force of heavy Cavalry under the command of Speaker of Winter Helena Silvari
-The Luthienesti Cathedral.
Once a temple dedicated to a single God, Luthien, the symbols of this God of righteousness from another world now elegantly share space with shrines to all of the gods of Weirdale's newer pantheon.

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