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*Description of the Boat* (Non-Interactive) Empty *Description of the Boat* (Non-Interactive)

Post by DM-Estelle on Mon Jul 13, 2015 4:07 pm

The vessel of the god of Adventure, a proud member of the White court, is self-evident of the man's mortal background. It's an enormous pirate ship.

Beneath its jolly roger flag is the crimson and black striped flag of the Bloodsail fleet from Azeroth. Its decks are massive, and there is a somewhat recent addition of a crimson sailcloth covered area for shade, perhaps added as a consideration for passengers who burn easily in the sun. There are windows below deck looking out from a multitude of rooms that vary in size and comfort from the captain's quarters in the rear, to small individual rooms, to a communal sleeping area with bunks in the front. There is at least one large keg visible on the main deck, and there are tables and chairs bolted down all over.

This ship is obviously well loved, and diligently upkept. Red and black are the prevailing themes, and carved into the wood on the side that faces the shore are the elaborately styled words, "THE STAR." Anyone with knowledge of nautical military would recognize a ship this size with its distinctions as one that sails at the head of a fleet.

It's parked outside of any town, but at the closest point on the shoreline to Weirdale. Damian has enchanted a small wooden dinghy to ferry visitors to and from his ship.

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