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Come one come all! Empty Come one come all!

Post by Tackett on Sat Mar 28, 2015 8:27 pm

Due to Tina's vast research into the magics of Weirdale and this new world, she has decided to refocus on her original trade, and so tacked on to Tina's door is but a simple sign:

Come one come all! Z1ench10

Underneath, a list of enchantments she has researched and perfected, along with prices.

Welcome to Tina's Enchantments!  
Open from 5pm-6pm on days I'm not sleeping
Choose from the following:

Enchantment of Binary Exclusion ------ 100 g
     (This will split whatever item you bring me into TWO!  Zuri will assist with this.)
Enchantment of Forgotten Names ----- 300 g
     (Forgot what your item is called?  WORRY NOT, this enchantment will allow me to rename it!)
Enchantment of Midas Touch ----------  500 g
     (Are you feeling poor?  This will change whatever item you give me into 300g!)
Enchantment of Pure Air --------------   700 g
     (Will allow you to breathe better when the item enchanted is in your possesion)
Enchantment of Annoyance--------------- 1000 g
     (This powerful enchantment will make the item you give me have some special property thats completely useless....or not.)
Enchantment of Midas Grip------------- 1500 g
     (Only for those looking to get rich FAST, this enchantment changes whatever item you give me into 1000 g!)
Enchantment of True Treasure Tracking ------------7.9 billion platinum
     (Wearing this, one might find the rarest of items in the most mundane of locales!)


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Come one come all! Empty Re: Come one come all!

Post by Tackett on Sun Jul 10, 2016 4:24 am


Alarm - Got burglars?  ALARM YOUR HOUSE!  
Animal Messenger - Want to send someone a message with a CAT?!  Or OTHER ANIMAL?  I got you fam
Augury - Fortune telling motherfucker.
Commune - Want to ask a god or diety 3 questions?  COMMUNE.
Commune with nature - Curious about nature?  I'll give you all the info you need!
Comprehend Langauges - Translation services just for you!
Contact Other Plane - Someone on another plane?  NO problem!
Detect Magic - Yes, there's magic.
Detect Poison and Disease - Been poisoned or diseased?  I'll let you know for certain!
Divination - Ask a god one question!
Drawmij Instant Summons - Summon something big as fuck instantly!  Must have big as fuck item here
Feign Death - I will fake your death for a brief period.  Fake.  Promise.
Find Familiar - Get your own familiar that I will tell to obey you!
Forbiddance -  Want to protect something holy or dear to you?  I got you fam.
Gentle Repose - Got someone dead and decaying and you don't want them to do that?  I can preserve dead things!
Identify - I will tell you what your shit does.
Illusory Script -  Ghostly writing for your intended target's eyes only!
Leomunds Tiny Hut - Need a place to rest?  Hotel services here!
Locate Animal or Plant - Need to find some shit?  I got you.
Magic Mouth - Not lewd, give an item a message and it'll deliver when the time is right!
Meld into Stone - Melt into the floor or something idk, seems weird.
Phantom Steed - Summon your own ghost horse or something!
Purify Food and Drink - Something poisoned?  I will CLEANSE THAT SHIT.
Rary's Telepathic Bond - You, me and 6 other people can all talk with our MINDSSSS.
Silence - Want some damn peace and quiet?  This is your spell
Speak with Animals - Animal know something and it won't tell you?  I'll make that fucker talk.
Tensers Floating Disk - This thing will carry shit for you, I just have to follow you.
Unseen Servant - Make some invisible dude do shit for you.
Water Breathing - breathe underwater like a motherfucker
Water Walk - walk on liquid (doesn't make to be water) like a motherfucker

Prices differ depending on the spell cast and if you're annoying about it.

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