"Gold sinks" and item shops in game!

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"Gold sinks" and item shops in game! Empty "Gold sinks" and item shops in game!

Post by DM-Christian on Fri Jul 29, 2016 7:15 pm

Over the course of the campaign, we have established a series of shops in game where you can spend your hard-earned gold to gain power, in case items found on your adventures aren't enough!  These links will lead you to the appropriate places in our forum where these shops are located, along with the rules for using them, most of which are on autopilot and do not necessitate contacting a DM!

"The Toad's Stool fae circle" (+1 to +3 weapons, rods, wands and armor, and other magical curios) http://weirdale.forumotion.com/t100-dipshit-s-price-list

"The Lunar forge" (elemental enhancements to weapons and armor) http://weirdale.forumotion.com/t150-the-elemental-forge-price-list-and-rules

"The Faustian Bargain" (healing potions) http://weirdale.forumotion.com/t63-price-and-stock-list#378

"The Royal Library's inscription service" (Scrolls) http://weirdale.forumotion.com/t133-announcing-the-new-library-of-weirdale-s-magical-inscription-services

It is also assumed that basic equipment from the player's handbook can be found among the shops and boutiques of Weirdale's market!

Happy shopping!

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