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Grrowell's trip home Empty Grrowell's trip home

Post by Grakthuul on Sun Mar 13, 2016 6:39 am

((The following takes place just after the attack on Weirdale.  Grrowell has vowed to find the last of the Ebonwood creatures and bring them into Merdari's presence so that they can be redeemed by protecting Weirdale and its allies.  It is also how Grrowell got his creepy new shadow powers.  This post can be considered a matter of public record as he would have reported everything that happend to Maeve, the elderly Priestess of Merdari that lives in Rockton.))

In a bright garden just outside Weirdale a tall gnoll like creature stands before an open portal.  The creature resembles a gnoll in many ways, but anyone educated in nature or knowledgeable about gnolls can tell it is not a gnoll.  The people of Weirdale and Rockton know this creature as Grrowell, an Ebonwood Caininte, a creature created by the Goddess Merdari during her dark past.  Grrowell bows his head in silent prayer then says "I will find them my Lady.  Not because Weirdale needs them, but because they are too dangerous to be left as they are, and they must be redeemed."  A warm breeze passes through the garden as if to wish him well on his journey and Grrowell walks through the portal.

Grrowell exits the portal on a world far from Weirdale.  The forest he now stands in is unnaturally dark, and the trees and twisted and sinister looking.  It is the kind of forest that people avoid and many who are foolish enough to enter never leave it again.  This dark place, this home of nightmares, welcomes Grrowell like an over protective parent welcomes a child home.

It doesn't take Grrowell long to find what he is looking for.  Grrowell come across a group of cainites not long after they have finished killing a group of elven hunters.  The first of the cainites to notice Grrowells approach seems stunned for a moment.  "Grrowell is that you?"  Grrowell puts his hand on the other cainites shoulder.  "Yes my brother.  I have returned because I have felinely found The Lady and now I have come to bring you all back to her.  Bring me to whoever leads here now."  The other cainite nods "Of course brother but you have been gone a long time.  I do not know if he will beleave you."  Grrowell grins and says "Let me worry about that."

Grrowell is brought before a large minitour like creature.  Grrowell again says that he has found The Lady and has come to lead the others to her.  The minitour like creatuers reaction is somewhat less friendly then the cainites was.  "You Lie!  You are a traitor that fled the last battle against the Litch, and now you will die!"  The minitour like creature picks Grrowell up by the neck with one hand and appears ready to snape  his neck like a twig, but after just a heart beets worth of time, he gently sets Grrowell down on his feat and says "Your not lieing.  You really have found her."  The beast lets out a loud and happy bellow then yells "Gather the other.  We leave as soon as everyone is here"  Grrowell nods at the Minitour like creature then says "I will return soon.  There is one more thing I must colect before we leave this place.  When I come back, I will lead you to Her."

Grrowell walks into the darkest part of the Ebonwood.  A place where even the bravest of adventures feared to tread.  When he reaches the heart of this dark place, Grrowell kneels and opens his mind to the darkness around him.  He can feal the corruption on this place.  A dark curse laid down by the one who was once known as Lady Ebonwood.  When Grrowell feels as though he is almost at one with this dark power, he mentally grabs on to it and begins to draw it in.  He rips the dark power away from the forest it has inhabited for countless years and draws it into his own body.  When he has the power, it shows him what he can do with it.  He can wipe out the elves of this world.  He can kill all who have so much as heard the world 'elf', they would be lost to history, not even a memory.  Grrowell again feals the old hunger returning. "No! This is not what She would want.  This is no longer Her way.  This power will be redeemed."  The hunger vanishes.  When Grrowell opens his eyes, he sees a wolf composed of shadow standing before him.  Grrowell reaches out to touch the wolf and it dissipates.  That darkness that it was made of merges with his own shadow.

When Grrowell returns to where the Ebonwood creatures have gathered, many of them are looking about nervously.  The suns light is touching the floor of their forest for the first time seance before any of them existed.  Grrowell walks to the head of the group and bows his head in prayer. "I have found them my Lady.  We are gathered together and I am ready to bring all that was yours in darker days into your presence so that it was be redeemed."  A massive portal opens and the horde of Ebonwood creatures pass through it.  When they are gone, what is left is just an old forest.  Many of the trees are dead, but in time they will fall and be replaced by new growth.  The nightmares of the Ebonwood are gone.


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