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Post by DM-Christian on Thu Feb 18, 2016 12:59 am

In the days and weeks that follow the defeat of the green dragon Chlorianara at Viper Falls, Weirdale's morale is vastly heightened by the visible bolstering of the kingdom's might in the form of the recent arrival of considerable forces through the vortex gate.

The Bloodfist clan's present warleader, Nok, reports to the princess, and, after a brief visit to Faust's shop to meet the champion of the goddess that embraces the Ebonwood forces upon arrival, a tall, Minotaur-like creature named Bjorgi also reports to the princess.  Nok is also quite eager to meet Idunna, the champion of Torrel, the god that is the primary deity of the Bloodfist clan.

After all of the introductions had been seen to, Princess Angrboda does not waste time.  Assembling her now much stronger forces and marching them to Ferryville to board the many warships she'd long since commissioned from the shipwrights there, the army made its way to Viper Falls, where a depleted, surprised force of green dragonspawn was quickly over-run.   Fiercely leading her forces into battle accompanied by her grandmother Idunna, and the Royal champion, Gorthak Bloodfist, Princess Angrboda arrived on the beach of Viper Falls with the fury of an avenging Valkyrie.

The dragonspawn, seeming reluctant to retreat up the mountain to the temple of the snake druids, could only barely mount a defense as the forces of Weirdale pinned them between the horror of the temple's strange mists and the army's aggressively advancing line.  Many dragonspawn took the sidestep to retreat into the depths of the forest, some braved the mists and vanished beyond reckoning, but most were cut down by Weirdale's pressing forces.

In the end, the town of Viper falls was soundly retaken, but the ever present malevolence of the distant temple made it impossible to recommend the island for civilian population.  Accepting the victory with its caveats, Princess Angrboda refused to doom the rapidly built garrison to some strange attack and commissioned a portal linked to the vortex gate to be erected and manned in the walled encampment, with strict orders for the soldiers left to hold the island to retreat and for the portal to be collapsed should the mystery of the temple unravel itself to the overwhelming danger of her men, women and... whatever the Ebonwoods were.

After a rousing speech and a proclamation that her people drink in celebration of their victory, Princess Angrboda left her capable soldiers to garrison the island of Viper Falls, ever vigilant as to whatever Chlorianara had threatened the future with, and more than prepared to fight for the destiny of the kingdom and its people.

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