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Power and Envy Empty Power and Envy

Post by DM-Christian on Sun Feb 07, 2016 11:05 pm

The sounds of rot, of decay, of a venomous mist sinking into the land. Silence, and yet a symphony of mutation. Of change.  Comfort, a homecoming. Belonging.

And then a presence.  A meeting of minds, enlightened, "mad," perfect.... so much similar.

"Who's there? This is my home now.  For me. And my children."

"It was mine first."

"Who are you?"

"I could ask you the same."

"I am the one who lives here now."

"And yet you are not alone."

"You speak of the truth. The torch I hold for him."

"The torch that was forced upon you. Tyranny.  That is not freedom.  Power is freedom."

"I have power."

"You have access to power, but it is not yours."

"I hold it for him.  I... I'm fairly certain I loved him."

"No you didn't. You love power.  I have power.  I sense a sameness in you.  We need not be enemies. You can stay in my home."

"But it is my home."

"Is it?  I am here, and I question that."

"Then you should leave."

"Or I can stay. With you.  You evicted the traitors. I like that. We need not be enemies.  Do you truly wish to serve the fire and the lies?"

"I have this place because of the fire."

"And you may keep it, in power, because of your new friend."

"My friend?"

"Let us talk..."

"I am listening...."

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